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Daughter to the Most High, Loving Wife to Prince Charming and Doting Mother to Three Blessings.


One of the few "homegrown" Floridians in a state full of Snowbabies and Retirees. I'm also one of the few that can't actually go outside during our famous Summer weather as I'm fair and freckle/burn most easily.

I'm getting the hang of being a mom to three teenage kids. We are soon to enter our fourth year of homeschooling...and I still don't have it down completely.

I've been a believer for some 16+years and have been fortunate to marry *The* man hand selected by God for me. My husband and I courted before courting hit the main stream. I highly recommend it!

Our family is a bit at odds sometimes with the typical view of a believing family. We are PreWrath, Biblically Kosher, keep the feasts and other OT observances.

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who am i I have no formal training or college degrees in anything what-so-ever. I write, but can’t spell…and am too impatient for the spell check feature. Oh, and I don’t write well. I only speak one language, but can convincingly “fake” a language if there is another English-only person around. I also do mean accents. I have a low patient threshold for cartoons. Always have. I’ve always thought I could snap awesome pictures…though, I’ve only ever owned those disposable Kodaks. And, no one has ever told me I take awesome pictures. And I typically have to twist arms for compliments on pictures. And I’m pretty sure I have a bag full of undeveloped film from the early 1990’s. I cook – but seldom care for it…and I’d rather eat out anyway. And while I’m way more accepting of dining in Indian, Ethiopian and Mediterranean establishments (hrmmm…that’s what I cook, too) I will day dream extensively about nachos, pineapple pizza and cubed watermelon. Not a big fan of music. Once I broke that habit there was little left for me to enjoy. I am not superstisious, but I am obsessive compulsive. I love the smell of apples. I like to put potato chips inside my peanut butter (no jelly) sandwiches. I’ve also been known to skip the potato chips and add bananas or jalapenos. Try it, you’ll like it. I don’t pay attention to astrology or astronomy. One is a waste of good brain power, and the other…well, it requires more brain power than I’m willing to waste. However, I do know that I was born in the year of the rooster. What a shocker from the girl whose father thought it was flattering to call her Rhode Island Red. (referencing my red hair and not state of birth) While I like poetry, I’d say that I do not love it…in fact, I have to be sorta in a mood to even crack a poetry book…so if you see me quoting poetry…you can amuse yourself with a little game of what’s Jamie really trying to say. Oh, but I love rhymes. It get’s me all the times I want to feel sublime. Haikus are something that I actually can’t write. And often, don’t understand that I’m actually reading a haiku. I often find that I just thought of an invention three or four years before it actually hits the market. I seriously need to stop shooting my mouth off. I’m convinced someone is listening and profitting, LOL.